Taes Leavitt: Speaking to Grade K-5 Students

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Speaking to the K-5th grade crowd is no easy feat. 

You must hold the space and keep their attention while delivering simple insights and practical tools young kids can understand and apply. But resources for that age group are rapidly becoming more critical than ever. When Taes recognized that and decided the bumps and bruises of starting over were worth it, she discovered a level of connection and impact like never before.

On this episode of SP&S, you’ll learn:

  • 00:00:00 // Tomfoolery and Banter
  • 00:04:13 // Introducing Taes Leavitt
  • 00:08:25 // How Taes pivoted from screen to stage
  • 00:17:28 // Why you may have to integrate “audience training” into your presentations
  • 00:23:58 // A critical insight into the power of ego and the imposter syndrome
  • 00:37:42 // Pro tips on how to write and remember your speech
  • 00:48:15 // Helpful insights from Taes’ crash course in script-writing for her own TV show

Taes (pronounced: TESS) has spent the last 15 years creating empowering television and stage content for kids as one half of the musical duo Splash’N Boots.

Her goal is to empower kids to move confidently through their big feelings. Her research has revealed the number one thing that holds people back is not knowing how to navigate big feelings— such as bullying, failure, guilt, sadness, and heartbreak.

Taes’ insight into children’s entertainment combined with developmental psychology and mindfulness training has led to the creation of her child psychologist-recommended program for kids called the Big Heart Journey.

Whether your target audience is the under-10 crowd or not, you’ve likely had a “do-over” or three along the way. Taes’ stories and insights will help you better navigate those pivotal moments and build a better, stronger, more authentic way of impacting your audiences. 


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