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Make an Impact & Income with YSU

You have a message within you and it must be heard. What will someone miss out on if you do not share it? What will you miss out on? You bring an earnest desire and we will bring the tools, strategies and inspiration to help you make an impact.

Josh Shipp

“I wanted to do something positive…since joining I’ve done over 40 paid gigs.”

Jake B.
Youth Worker & Musician

“If you are truly passionate about speaking, get the mentorship you need to be successful.”

Laymon H.
Author & Leadership Strategist

“It’s been day and night. I went from getting $100 for a speaking gig to $5,000.”

Dawn F.
Art in Action co-founder & storyteller

“I knew I wanted to speak, but had no idea how to make it happen. Now I’ve spoken to over 30,000 students.”

Koran B.
Business & Community Leader

“This has been life-changing and has set me up for the rest of my life.”

Eliana R.
Speaker & Author

“If you want to speak, make a difference, and make money this is for you.”

Hal E.
Author of “The Miracle Morning”

I don’t even speak to youth and I’ve received a ton of specific results.”

Coach Jennie
Life Coach & Author

“My #1 hesitation was the money…it’s been totally worth it.”

Wendy R.
Founder of She’s Crafty

“With the help of YSU I truly believe I’m one of the key people in my area saving lives.”

John G.
Community Activist

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