Morgan Gist MacDonald: Self-Publishing Success

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Self-publishing is no longer a stigmatized hobby.

“Oh, you couldn’t attract a real publisher, huh?”

It’s a path to potentially big impact and income.

Louise Ross, for example, has sold over 7 million copies of her self-published books worldwide, and 18 of her novels have hit #1 on various bestseller lists. Mark Dawson pulls in a seven-figure income from his self-published crime novels. The exponential increase in demand for self-publishing insight and tools has given rise to industry-disrupting ventures like the one created by this episode’s brilliant guest, Morgan Gist MacDonald.

Morgan started in traditional publishing but soon ventured out to form her own company, Paper Raven Books, designed to combine the best of traditional publishing with the control and speed of self-publishing. Her hard work and experience translate into the best ways to market your book.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 00:00:00 // Witty banter
  • 00:06:18 // Morgan’s intro
  • 00:09:41 // The importance of creating teams for crafting, editing, and marketing your book
  • 00:22:10 // How to grow your mailing list with book links and opt-ins
  • 00:49:13 // The pros and cons of self, traditional, and hybrid-publishing
  • 01:08:16 // How to choose the best category for your book
  • 01:24:53 // How to get a steady stream of great reviews for your book

Self-publishing is no longer a backup plan for authors who couldn’t make it in traditional publishing.

It’s quickly becoming a proven and powerful way to take your book from idea to bestseller in less time and with more money-making potential.


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