How Much Do Youth Speakers Get Paid?

Business of Speaking

Anyone responsible for hiring speakers can be (understandably) hesitant to trust someone without any street cred. Street cred can come in the form of having a best-selling book, a video reel of you speaking so they can gauge your ability to deliver, or even just word of mouth that you’re the go-to speaker.

Understand none of these things mean that you’re actually a better speaker than Blake or Stephanie or Janet, it just means they’re pre-convinced of your ability to deliver and they know what they’re getting before you hit the stage.

In fact, when they are 100% pre-convinced you can deliver, you can start to command higher rates, because they’d rather bet on a winning horse than an unknown.

There are three categories of speakers: the long shot, the value bet, and the sure thing.

Category #1: “The Long Shot” AKA The New Speaker 

No one’s ever heard of you, no one’s ever seen you speak, and you either don’t have a video of you speaking or frankly not a great one. Don’t lose heart. Everyone starts here.

Category #2: “The Value Bet” AKA The Mainstream Speaker

You’ve done some gigs, you have a pretty solid video of you speaking, have references / testimonials, and are a GOOD speaker BUT there are likely others out there who are better and/or more unique.

Category #3: “The Sure Thing” AKA The Stand-Out, Veteran Speaker

I’ve seen you speak or someone I deeply trust saw you speak and you BLEW THEM AWAY, your message and/or delivery is ONE OF A KIND (you’ve made yourself a category of one), the video of you speaking is 95% as good as seeing you in person, everything about your message and marketing is first class.

Before we even get into how much youth speakers can charge, two quick disclaimers:

1. These ballpark ranges are generally true but they’re not exactly hard data.

2. All of these ranges go out the window if you are a “household name” celebrity such as a former President, have had a movie about your life, or a former Superbowl MVP. These speakers often command $50K-$1M per speech and it’s largely to “fill seats” -vs- their message being extraordinary. 

Regardless of which category you’re currently in. Keep growing and pushing yourself as a speaker. Put your audience’s needs first and earn your way to that next category by adding more value and becoming more of a sure bet. 👍