Get Personalized Feedback & Rigorous Accountability to Accelerate Your Success

After participating in YSU + Coaching for one year, speaker Joe Fingerhut grew his impact and income from 20 gigs earning $27,915 to 36 gigs earning $55,530.

Josh Shipp

You could be one insight away from a breakthrough.

It’s tough doing it all by yourself without personalized feedback or someone holding your feet to the fire.

  • Is my speech good enough?
  • How could my demo video be better?
  • Why aren’t I getting consistent leads?
  • Why aren’t things happening faster?

This is precisely why I created YSU + Coaching.

Simply put; you’ll get one-on-one feedback and accountability from one of my hand-selected coaches who are successful speaker themselves.

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YSU + Coaching is the main reason my speaking business DOUBLED in one year. And I have more dates booked in upcoming months than I ever have before. The dream is alive, and the system works! I am grateful for all that my YSU Coach has done for me.

Joe Fingerhut High School Speaker


As a part of YSU + Coaching, I DOUBLED the number of speaking engagements I had. I’ve had resistance to overcome, but upon doing so, I’ve learned that the system works. It’s been very helpful for me to have a YSU Coach for the accountability, encouragement, and feedback.

Dawn Shaw College Speaker


YSU + Coaching has transformed my business, I went from speaking once every 3-6 months, to speaking at least once per month. And there will be a few upcoming months where I will be speaking multiple times within the month. To me, this is a clear indication that YSU + Coaching has put my business on a totally different trajectory and has clarified the the next steps for my business. My coach is straight-forward, imbued with integrity, and has just the right amount of humor and compassion. I’m honored and grateful to be a part of this program.

Ian Brown Middle School Speaker


Personalized Feedback & Rigorous Accountability

$3600 VALUE

You will receive one coaching session per month on “The 7 Steps” in order to help you build a thriving speaking business. Depending upon what you’re working on, these sessions are either via SKYPE or phone and are 45 minutes in length.

  1. Choose your AUDIENCE
  2. Identify your BUYER
  3. Craft your SPEECH
  4. Create your DEMO VIDEO
  5. Launch your WEBSITE
  6. Consistently GENERATE LEADS
  7. REINVEST Impact & Income

When you get to STEP 6, GENERATE LEADS, you will receive one coaching session per week in a small group of no more than 4 YSU COACHING students who are all on the lead generation step.


Direct Access to Your YSU Coach

$1200 VALUE

After each session, you will receive an email summarizing the most important action items for you before the next coaching session. You will also have direct access to your YSU Coach via email throughout the month to support you with any matters that pertain to your specific action items.

Eligible for YSU certification

$1000 VALUE

Upon completion of steps 1-6 of the YSU methodology and sign off from your coach, you will receive YSU certification. You will receive a certificate and logo that you can proudly display on your website and other marketing materials.

Total Value: $5800

Yes, I Want Accelerate My Success with Personalized Feedback & Rigorous Accountability



  • 12 Monthly Coaching Sessions with your YSU Coach
  • Ongoing Email Consulting with your YSU Coach
  • Eligible for official YSU certification
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PAYMENT PLAN: 12 monthly payments of $225

I can’t wait to see the progress and impact you make with the help of one of our coaches!

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