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After participating in The Next Level, Blake Fly doubled his impact and income from $68,595 to $149,700.

Josh Shipp

You’re booking gigs and gaining momentum. But does it feel like you’re still missing opportunities galore?

If you’re anything like how I was at this stage, you’re hitting the pillow every night with a vision of how you can reach more people, speak on bigger stages, and create more impact in your business.

But you’re probably also sensing a missing link that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Where do you want to be?

You probably want to launch a course or book, build out a team, host your own events, secure strategic partnerships, and more. You’re in this to have incredible impact, change millions of lives, and be rewarded handsomely for your contribution.

There’s nothing but opportunity. If you know how to tap into it.

I’ll show you exactly how to go to the next level.

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Take your speaking biz to the next level & earn thousands each time you rock the stage

This is your invitation to join The Next Level, an exclusive program I offer to the top-performing speakers each year.

You are in this elite group. The Next Level is only for speakers with proven momentum and a minimum of $40,000 in paid bookings.


The Next Level gave me clarity on how I can leverage myself so that I can serve more people and make more money without having to travel all of the time. I have a plan customized to my business and the accountability I need.

Dr. Carla Stokes The Next Level Participant


This year I made an extra $20,000 that I would not have made without The Next Level. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest financial benefit is that I have set up a business that can generate consistent income for years to come.

Jake Ballentine The Next Level Participant


The biggest obstacle to signing up that I faced was me. I honestly didn’t want to spend the money even though I believed in the value of was offered. But my husband was the one who told me to do it. I’m not only glad that I did it, I’m very appreciative of the support The Next Level has given me.

Amanda Hammett The Next Level Participant

Get over $14,800 in pure, measurable, honest-to-goodness value when you join The Next Level

The Next Level will provide you with proven next level strategies.

Empire Of Impact Course

Advanced Training

$4,000 value

In this advanced, high-impact course, you’ll learn the expert strategies and actual systems to become a 6-figure speaker. Discover exactly how I command $10,000/day, including deep positioning strategies, barrier-busting psychological frameworks, street-tested business systems, and the actual proposals (swipe) that I used to win huge gigs… even when I was a relative no-name competing against “household names.”

We’ll cover high impact topics like:

  • The Next Level Mindset: 3 Paradigm Shifts for Growing Your Business
  • Automate, Delegate, or Eliminate: Laying the Groundwork for Serious Growth
  • Advanced Systems & Workflows: High-Performance Tools, Habits, and Rhythms of Business
  • Build a Winning Team: Who You Need and What They Should Bring
  • Maximizing Your Revenue Streams: 7 Ways to Make the Most of What’s Already Making You Money
  • Creating and Selling Products: The 4 Phases of Building Flagship Products That Sell
  • The Art of Consistent Lead Generation: How to Build a Balanced & Thriving Lead-Gen Portfolio

In-Person Mastermind

With Josh Shipp

$10,000 value

This is a tailored workday around your current challenges opportunities, led by Josh Shipp. Plus, hear what a small group of your successful peers are wrestling with, which will provide enormous foresight into your career and help you sidestep some of the traps they fell into. The mastermind will be June 27, 2019 – the day before our Rock The Stage live workshop. So it’s just one trip to California for speaker-palozza week.

TWO 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching Calls

With my Business Coach, Clint Pardoe

$800 value

You’ll get two implementation coaching calls with my right-hand man Clint. He has taught public speaking at the university level, coached high-earning entrepreneurs, and spoken professionally for over a decade. He’s the guy I PERSONALLY turn to whenever I need to clarify my mission, objectives or timetables. Plus, I’ve trained Clint in just about everything you’ll encounter in your business so that he’s primed to deliver actionable pearls of wisdom pretty much on cue. And if by some crazy fluke he doesn’t have experience with what you’re going through (I challenge you to find something… seriously)… Clint has me on speed dial and isn’t afraid to use it.

Total Value: $14,800

Hear directly from fellow speakers on how The Next Level has impacted their business…

Yes, I want to take my impact & income to the next level for less than two paid gigs.

Now, if you’re pausing, ask yourself these two questions:

1. What better investment could I make than in my potential to impact & earn?

2. What if I only booked SIX extra gigs from what I learn – how much is that worth?

The Next Level


  • Empire of Impact Advanced Training Course
  • In-Person Mastermind with Josh Shipp on June 27, 2019
  • TWO 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Clint
  • Two VIP Tickets to Rock The Stage
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I, Josh Shipp, promise you this

I PROMISE that we will give you everything we’ve got in order to help grow your biz to THE NEXT LEVEL.

You’ve taken our YSU training and succeeded with it, so you know we mean business. If you don’t love what you’ve learned and if you haven’t seen great improvements thanks to YSU, don’t enroll in The Next Level.

You will have to Focus on what we share, Show up for the calls and mastermind, and Implement.

But because you’re here, reading this message right now, I know with 100% confidence that you have what it takes to stay committed to this mission.

…and that’s why I want to help take you and your impact to the Next Level right now.

So, will you accept this invitation to join me – and top-performing speakers – in The Next Level?

I hope you choose to and look forward to creating incredible impact together.

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