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Yahya Bakkar

YSU has literally been the key factor to my success as a speaker. Thanks to YSU I get paid between $2500 – $4000 per gig!

Julie Kelley

I landed huge ongoing contracts with two school districts and keynoted National and State leadership conferences.

Christina Frei

Josh is that rare rockstar who knows all the ins and outs of the biz, and is willing to share it all. I’ve learned what the top marketing priorities need to be, and even specific organizations to target.

Dr. John Gaines

Just 6 weeks into the YSU program and I have already booked SIX paid gigs including one of my “bucket list” gigs. YSU has and will continue to directly influence my ability to live my dream.

Dawn Fraser

It’s been day and night. I went from getting $100 for a speaking gig to $5,000.

Dr. Blake Brandes

The best speaker coaching program out there for the education market. A wealth of information, delivered with heart and humor.

Alton Jamison

I went from working 9 to 5, to impacting people across the nation, that has been my experience working with YSU.

Hoan Do

My previous highest-paid gig was $2,500 and NOW my largest paid gig to date is $5,500. I have also had a 162% increase in product sales. Thank You YSU!

Koran Bolden

I have now spoken to over 30,000 students which resulted in partnering with civic leaders, school administrators, churches, and business owners! It’s worth every penny, the program pays for itself! The best professional decision I have ever made.

Jake Ballentine

Since joining I’ve booked over 40 paid gigs.

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